METAL - the new philosophy of the city

Let’s see the city in its primordial mode. Silver as the simplest metal and design as just a form. The collection of jewellery is inspired by the naked city. The primordial mode of everything we call a city. The essence of the collection is as little design as possible.

This collection invites you to take a fresh look at the city philosophically and question established stereotypes in jewelry. It seems the city environment, when viewed on another angle, can become jewellery objects and at the same time change their normal state. The simplest urban pieces, which we would normally pass in the city without turning away, dictate the subtle beauty of jewelry in their form.

METAL rings | Why they are so amazing?

In creating this collection rings, the artist use new technique in her creation process. She collected pieces of reinforcement and metal, fragments (From crumbling buildings, their ruins and waste) on the streets and documented the transformation of the city in order to find out and discover the architectural core of the city, which she later called the naked city. By giving up the usual materials in her work, such as concrete, the designer in this collection tried to look at the anatomical composition of the city as an organism, to reflect on the city in a philosophical, usually invisible sense - what lies behind the city’s visuals. This collection "rings" was found on the streets during 2020-2021. The designer cast the city details in the jewellery form and made the anatomical city wearable. 

Rings, as objects of the city environment, merge into a seamless, urban landscape and adapt to the curves of the body. It is a synthesis of the city and human that merges in details. 6 hand accessories have been created - urban and at the same time, bold rings with their simplicity can be worn from all sides and organically adapt to individual hand bends. Let's follow CASTING FROM THE CITY page to find new experiments with the city!