National M. K. Ciurlionis museum earrings

National M. K. Ciurlionis museum earrings

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Object: M. K. Čiurlionis National Art Museum

Year: 1929 – 1936

Architect: Vladimiras Dubeneckis, Karolis Reisonas, Kazimieras Kriščiukaitis

Address: Putvinskio g. 55, Kaunas

Styles: Early functionalism

Detail: The facade of the museum.


MATERIALS | Every detail of the architecture is handmade and created from concrete. Architectural construction is handmade and from 925 sterling silver. All jewelry are unique and rights reserved CELSIUS 273.  

In package: Silver and concrete earrings, a black gift box and black gift bag, cards with information about the building.



T H E  C O N C R E T E  CI T Y | K A U N A S invites you to take a fresh look at Kaunas architecture and discover connections with yourself, to sense the impetus of the city, feel the synthesis of space and human experiences brought together in details. How did the perception of the city develop? What is the meaning of modernism today? Multifarious identity constantly inspires us to see things in different roles. This collection shapes a room for thoughts, where the human, the nationality, and the history merge.
Once it was prophesied the great glory for Kaunas and Laisvės alėja (Liberty Boulevard) was compared to Hollywood. There are lots of stories but the truth is, that Kaunas today can be proud of its unique identity – the modern architecture of the interwar. It is a sign, that Europe starts in Kaunas…
The collection is devoted to Kaunas city interwar modernist architecture. Seven of the most prominent structures of modernism architecture were selected and seven different jewelry concrete details were created, reflecting the main accents of these objects. We created handmade silver construction, the bottom part of which can be changed and details can be changed, to create a unique city in us and to understand the main human experiences in the city. This collection is a synthesis of different visual artistic directions, encouraging to look at history again, to think about what is modernism now and then. By the way, desired to focus on consumerism. Encourage people to love what has been seen by bringing new accents and promoting love for the city.
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